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Happy New Year!

Taking the Christmas tree down today was kind of a sad task…. that is, until I realized that it’s one more step closer to being gardening season!

Until now, we’ve kept our indoor greenhouse in our office. After we took the tree down today, we realized that the empty spot left over was a fantastic place for the greenhouse. Lo and behold, it fit. Not sure who was more excited to see it being set up – us or the cats. We’ve had to cat-proof it so they can’t sneak in there. Little buggers.

IMG_6122We started our own pepper plants from seed last year in our basement using a heating pad and, eventually, grow lights. Despite starting them early, they took quite awhile to begin producing. It was well worth the wait though – all but the habaneros were prolific producers and we were able to make delicious paprika, hot sauce, and salsa.IMG_2950

Sure, it’s only January and probably far too early to begin seeds. However, the best teacher is experience; we decided to start our pepper seeds now and see what happens. While we were at it, we started some rosemary (which didn’t go well for us last year), pennisetum (fountain grass), allium (from some seeds we saved last year), delphiniums (saved seeds), and Mimosa pudica (sensitive plant).

I think we have lots of time so if things don’t turn out, we can just start new ones! Now to obsessively peek in there to see if anything has germinated.