Happy Spring! (Part 1)

Happy spring! I’m currently take a break from working in the yard to write this post… and watch hockey. That’s a strange combination.

Darin and I have been busy planting, weeding, hardening off plants, and figuring out what has survived the winter and what hasn’t. It doesn’t look like we’ve had too many plant casualties, thank goodness. We were very cognizant to cover our dormant plants with snow early on to protect them from our harsh winter air.

Now that the end of May is upon us, I figured it was time to give a photo tour of our yard. The purpose of this is twofold: first, to show any readers who might be out there what we’ve been up to, and second, to document our yard’s progress through the season. I will aim to do a similar post at the end of June (or perhaps even sooner) to compare.


raised beds high view

We have four raised beds (built by yours truly, not that I’m boasting or anything), two of which are 4’x10’ and two that are 4’x5’. In 2016 and 2017 we dedicated one of the large beds to the three sisters approach but our harvest wasn’t great so we have scrapped that idea for this year.


peppers - raised bed


Bed 1:

Remember those 81 peppers that were in our greenhouse? They are (mostly) adjusted to the outdoors and enjoying their time in one of the large beds.







Bed 2:

Our other large raised bed is now home to 6 tomato plants: 2 “crazy tomatoes”, 2 Romas and 2 San Marzanos. I saved the crazy tomato seeds from a particularly vigorous tomato plant that we grew last year.





small raised bed

Bed 3:

This small bed will (hopefully) be home to cilantro, Kentucky Wonder Green beans, buttercrunch lettuce, and dill. The green leggy things are red onions (‘Red Bull’).






raised bed small box 2


Bed 4:

Our fourth bed looks pretty plain right now. Arugula is just starting to pop up. Hopefully we will see signs of the beets (Chioggia, Cylindra, and rainbox mix) and carrots (Nantes Touchon, Bolero Hybrid, Chantenay, and Little Finger) soon.






The asparagus was one of the first plants to emerge this spring. We didn’t harvest any this year – we will start harvesting next spring.




grape vinesTwo of the three vines are doing very well but it appears the one on the right is dead. I’m not really surprised since it wasn’t very happy last year. We will replace it with another “Beta” grape vine when we get a chance.



herb box


Our trusty Costco herb box currently has rosemary, Greek oregano, Italian oregano, thyme, and lemon verbena.





We also potted up all of the remaining peppers that didn’t fit into the raised beds. Almost all of these are cayenne peppers. We jazzed up the containers a bit by adding some calibrachoa.

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